The Kitchen was a concept of Cheryl's that was brought up on her blog and each of the other 4 original members replied to the idea :-) Cheryl's idea was "a team blog where we can share recipes." This original group expanded quite a bit over the last year.

We are celebrating our anniversary with not only a new design, but an expanded array of feature and our own Domain! Special thanks to Melanie for sharing this domain with our group. We look forward to adding even more to our pages over the next year!

It's for sure that all of the readers and bloggers will enjoy this page! If you have suggestions, comments, compliments, etc, feel free to contact us!

Bon Appétit!

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Thanks goes to Dawn for the calendar template on the main page. Thanks also to David Gagne for the script for the popup mailing script. If you have any suggestions for further improvements to the site, we welcome the suggestions!

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