Beatriz Dom�nguez
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What is your favorite thing to cook?
Chicken, definitely! I love it anyway...
What is your favorite ingredient?
Mustard is essential, I learned that from my aunt a few years ago. And food without garlic... a sin!
Do you have any dietary restrictions you use in cooking (i.e. vegetarian, diabetic)?
Yes, I have Type 2 Diabetes and I have to watch every single thing I eat; of course, especially sugars. Now we have this idea of eating more vegetarian, so I'm learning.
What kitchen utensil can't you live with out?
My wooden spoons and my new Pyrex baking ware because I love to put things in the oven.
What kitchen utensil do you covet?
Oh! So many... but right now I'm dying (at least) for a Black & Decker mini-chopper and I definitely need better knives. A food procesor wouldn't be that bad either ;)
What are your favorite types of foods?
Colombian! There are so many good things in my country... I wish I could find the ingredients easily here in Canada. And I *heart* italian food, especially the one that is made along with seafood.
How many people do you usually cook for?
That would be two: Hubby & Me
Any other personal info you'd like to share?
Although I love to cook I have to admit that I don't do it often. Guess it's the rush or I don't know what, and when I make plans to prepare something, we always end up ordering. That's why I wanted to join The Red Kitchen, to learn from other people and get in the mood for better cooking.
Your personal blog url is?
Joie De Vivre
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