Christine Murphy
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What is your favorite thing to cook?
soups and stews
What is your favorite ingredient?
Good olive oil
Do you have any dietary restrictions you use in cooking (i.e. vegetarian, diabetic)?
What kitchen utensil can't you live with out?
My large French knife
What kitchen utensil do you covet?
all the nifty attachments for my new KitchenAid mixer!
What are your favorite types of foods?
Italian, Mexican, and seafood
How many people do you usually cook for?
just my husband and me
Any other personal info you'd like to share?
Married since July 2000 to Mike, and we are owned by nine cats. I went to culinary school at Newbury College in Brookline, MA, for a year, worked in the restaurant biz for several years, but now I happily do all of my cooking at home...I own around 300 cookbooks!
Your personal blog url is?
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