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What is your favorite thing to cook?
Anything new. I like to experiment and try unusual ideas.
What is your favorite ingredient?
Just one? Garlic. No, sesame oil. No, garlic. Argh!
Do you have any dietary restrictions you use in cooking (i.e. vegetarian, diabetic)?
We are ovo-lacto vegetarians, though we avoid butter and regular dairy milk.
What kitchen utensil can't you live with out?
The wok-pan. Wok shaped but flat on the bottom to sit well on the burner, and non-stick. Mine is from Circulon.
What kitchen utensil do you covet?
An industrial blender, with a metal jar instead of a glass or plastic one, and 20-odd speeds. I just can't justify the $200+ price tag, though!
What are your favorite types of foods?
Comfort foods-mashed potatoes, soups, peanut butter sandwiches, mm mmm.
How many people do you usually cook for?
Any other personal info you'd like to share?
Uh, dunno, don't think so.
Your personal blog url is?
Bluesilver (home to multiple blogs)
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