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What is your favorite thing to cook?
Chicken Enchiladas
What is your favorite ingredient?
hmmm.... that's hard. I'd say chocolate, but you can't really use that in dinners.
Do you have any dietary restrictions you use in cooking (i.e. vegetarian, diabetic)?
Tend to cook low fat. No red meat.
What kitchen utensil can't you live with out?
KitchenAid mixer and griddle
What kitchen utensil do you covet?
Double boiler - I want to learn how to make chocolate treats (like molded chocolate)
What are your favorite types of foods?
Mexican, Indian, Chinese
How many people do you usually cook for?
1-4 (depends on whether I'm at school, home, or visiting family)
Any other personal info you'd like to share?
I'm a 25 year old female working on my masters degree in Chemical Engineering. In my spare time, I love to cook, but always have the age old question of what to make. ;-)
Your personal blog url is?
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