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May 24, 2013

chicken celery salad
Simple meals with only a few ingredients are a great thing to have in your cooking arsenal! This is a great combo of a lean protein and veggies to power your body. You can swap out some of the celery for fennel and/or onions for variation.

chicken celery salad

serves one.

  • fresh or frozen and defrosted chicken breast, boneless and skinless (pick a size that will cook up to about 6 oz)

  • 2 t lemon pepper

  • dash of kosher salt (optional)

  • 1 T light mayonnaise

  • 1 1/2 C celery, diced

Sprinkle lemon pepper and salt over the chicken breast to season it. Prepare a grill or a grill pan or (my preference) a George Foreman grill. Cook the chicken until the juices run clear and no pink remains in the center. Take chicken off and let it rest for a few minutes before cutting into small chunks.

Put chicken into a mixing bowl with the mayonnaise and celery and stir well to give everything a small coat of the mayo.

Garnish with herbs, if desired.


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