Sherry Osborne
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What is your favorite thing to cook?
Pretty much anything with chicken.
What is your favorite ingredient?
Garlic, Basil, Oregano.
Do you have any dietary restrictions you use in cooking (i.e. vegetarian, diabetic)?
What kitchen utensil can't you live with out?
My wok.
What kitchen utensil do you covet?
Food processors and crock pots - must get some!
What are your favorite types of foods?
Italian, Mexican, and (authentic) Chinese.
How many people do you usually cook for?
Two - myself and my fiancé.
Any other personal info you'd like to share?
I inherited some sort of cooking gene from my great-aunt which makes me adore cooking, especially for other people. I annoy others by frequently having no measurements whatsoever for my spices since I go by taste.
What are your favorite cookbooks?
I love the Campbell's Soup cookbooks (as well as their recipes online) and some of the recipes from "Desperation Cookbook" although I can't bring myself to only cook chicken for 20 minutes like their recipes suggest.
Your personal blog url is?
Window on Montreal
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